New words – 9 November 2015

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nerd power

nerd powernouninformalheat generated by computers and used, for example to heat places

All computers produce heat, but computer servers produce a lot of heat – so much that it usually costs a fortune to cool them down. So why isn’t this heat used instead to keep homes or offices warm? Actually, ‘nerd power’ is already being tried out.

[ 21 May 2015]

super cookienouna cookie that is intended to be stored on a computer and cannot be deleted in the usual way

The program was dubbed a ‘super cookie’ because it is more powerful than a regular Web tracking cookie that users can delete.[ 01 April 2015]

smart desknouna computerized desk that can be raised for use while standing and can monitor such things as the user’s movements, time spent at the desk sitting or standing, and calories burnt, and prompt the…

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