New words – 30 November 2015

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conversational user interface

conversational user interfacenouna computer interface that provides information to users in normal, conversational speech in response to spoken requests

Nearly every major tech company—from Amazon to Intel to Microsoft to Google—is chasing the sort of conversational user interface that Kaplan and his colleagues at PARC imagined decades ago.

[ 16 September 2015]

ambient computingnouna computing environment that is always available and easy to access by, for example, voice commands

The new Siri is paving the way to what you might call ‘ambient computing’ — a future in which robotic assistants are always on hand to answer questions, take notes, take orders or otherwise function as auxiliary brains to whom you might offload many of your chores.

[ 22 September 2015]

ubiquitous computingnoun another phrase for ambient computing

Google, along with other companies and researchers, dreams of so-called ubiquitous computing or ambient intelligence — computers woven…

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