New words – 26 October 2015

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the flat white economynounthe network of media, internet and creative businesses that are bolstering the UK economy

Most of us rolled our eyes at the invasion of hipsters, but the ‘Flat White Economy’ is flourishing.

[ 19 May 2015]

disaster capitalismnouna policy of political officials to take advantage of a shock or disaster to push free-market economic policies and privatization in the management of recovery and reconstruction

These were clearly feelings, like, OK, here’s a political opportunity, which they took on many levels, to do things that politically were untenable before Katrina. This was disaster capitalism and a perfect example.

[WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (culture and current events) 09 June 2015]

shrinkflationnounwhen the size of a product is reduced whilst the price is retained

Angus Kennedy, editor of trade magazine Kennedy’s Confection, says one of the worst examples of shrinkflation was Cadbury’s reducing the…

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