New words – 19 October 2015

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unicornnouna start-up technology company with a value $1 billion or more from fundraising

The PayPal group’s close ties with the current crop of unicorns — a collection of some of the most valuable technology start-ups ever seen — suggest its influence is undiminished.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 01 April 2015]

PayPal Mafianounformer PayPal executives involved with new technology start-ups

For now, however, the collective résumé of the PayPal Mafia is largely unblemished.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 01 April 2015]

return-free filingnouna possible method of tax-return filing in the US in which the Internal Revenue Service would precalculate taxes for individuals using information already supplied by employers and financial institutions

Mr. Ventry said that if return-free filing were operated nationally, tens of millions of people with simple tax situations might have to do just a few minutes of work at tax time every…

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