New words – 12 October 2015

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climate justicenounthe holding to account of those responsible for climate change and reparation for those most affected by it

I just finished reading the pope’s message to the world on climate justice.I feel energized and have joined a group of people at my church, St. Joseph University Parish, who feel the same.

[ 29 June 2015]

When the General Synod is held in July its members will be asked to vote on holding a day of prayer and fasting for ‘climate justice’.

[ 19 June 2015]

carbon bombnouna set of conditions that will likely give rise to a catastrophic increase in carbon emissions in the future

The ‘carbon bomb’ stored in the thawing Arctic permafrost may be released in a slow leak as global warming takes hold, rather than an eruption, according to new research.

[ 09 April 2015]

fracklognounoil or gas that will…

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